Sunday, 20 July 2014

My games - Breakout clone for 6502asm

The screenshot above doesn't look very interesting, as it is from a pretty standard Breakout-style game. However, it will surely look more interesting if I tell you I made this in Assembly, 6502 CPU (the same the NES used) Assembly nonetheless.

More specifically, for this 6502 virtual machine in HTML5. I actually recommend you play the game at this development version of the VM, as it's way faster.

I made this after someone (the logs say bitslap and/or voxel) mentioned this VM in the #ludumdare @ AfterNET chat. Jedi helped me with some issues.

I enjoyed this experience in the lower levels of programming. I may find the will to do another game for this VM, most likely Tetris, and perhaps I may try making a NES game.

Here is the github repo for the game. The code does have detailed explanations, mostly in what I imagine to be C code equivalent (it would be more adequate to say mimetic) to the Assembly code.


  1. Wasn't me I'm afraid, but I'm willing to steal credit from bitslap at every opportunity

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    2. I said that considering some logs Jedi gave me, see:
      They show you were the first to mention, in june
      I am going to ask bitslap how he found it